military family first holiday

Unfortunately this project was not successful

On 22nd Dec 2016 our project closed

so here it is, the dull reality of being a military family (dont get me wrong it does sometimes have its plus points i.e starfishing the bed) but how much time do you actually think a father or mother gets to realistically spend with their children? most of the time? half the time? quarter of the time?... well the truth is every family is different dependent on where or when the serving person is posted but in my particular case for instance, out of 7 years only 2 have been together, and no thats not in one big chunk of time thats over weekends or leave time. Our son who is now 3 years old is now so attached to daddy he cant do anything without him, because he only got daddy back when he was 18 months old, he didnt know him, Our daughter was born in the middle of an afghan tour so yet again no daddy,  and he nearly missed our bloody wedding!!! 

so thats a brief snippet from my own life, but whats important is that as a family we get to spend quality time together away from the bills, the worry of is daddy going to come home this time, the illness's, heartache so if you have something to spare that you could put towards making the trip of a life time that has never happened before then i wouldnt be able to thank you enough from the bottom of my heart!