Haywards Heath Winter Festival is the opportunity to create the most wonderful, exciting, magical community event for the people and...

To pay for large light sculptures to make the Lantern Procession for Haywards Heath Winter Festival a truly wonderful, exciting, magical community event. 

320 children from schools and youth organisations in Haywards Heath will be taking part in Lantern Procession along South Road as part of the Haywards Heath Winter Festival, delivering a traditional Sussex Yule Log to burn in the Beacon in Victoria Park in a dazzling Firework display.

Light sculptures created by the award winning charity SameSky will ensure that this is a truly magical procession.  These fantastic creations take days to make.

£800 will buy us one large sculpture; £400 will buy us a smaller sculpture.  All funds raised will be used to enhance the procession.

Help us make this an experience to remember.