Harmony Duo- Our Dream

A Music project Norwich, Norfolk

Hello Welcome To Harmony Duo Page,We Are From Norwich UK. Wanting To Live Our Dream With A Little Help,Singer With A Brain Tumour To Shine X

Hello welcome to Harmony Duo page, we are a duo from Norwich.

We are best mates and have known each other for years use to be in a couple of boy bands together & now got together as a duo.

We have done loads of competitions between us & a duo from Xfactor, BGT, The Voice, Open Mic UK, just want our break.

We recently auditioned for World Championships Of Performinh Arts WCOPA & we have been selected to represent the UK in Hollywood 2017.

Our dreams come true and want to do ourselves proud & show dreams come true never to give up.

In April 2013 i was taking I'll in hospital I woke up one morning & couldn't feel my left leg, so I was tested in hospital for a number of things whilst I was in hospital I lost feeling in my right,

They tested me for a number of things, scans, MRI, blood tests the lot. They done a MRI brain scan and found I had a brain tumour which is a benign gloma tumour in the centre of the brain.

Also diagnosed with FND Functional Neurological Disorder which has paralysed me from the waist down, then it's leaded on to plenty of other health problems, with my heart, bladder, bowel, numbness in my arms and so on.

I was a ballet dancer and a manager at a restaurant so had a good life, it has all been turned upside down. 

Music & singing has got me through my dark stages and kept me positive about life. 

So ive set this page up to see if we can get help for sponsors & to help raise the funds to get us there to live the dream, 

Show no matter your disability dreams do come true and not to give up, so be apart of our journey :)

Ricky is my Best mate like  my brother he has stuck by me through all this & still treat me the same as he did before I become ill. True mates & to experience all this with him is Amazing.

Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/harmonyduouk



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