Gym Geek Pro Hub, Changing the way the fitness industry works.

Gym Geek Pro's Training Hub.

How does it work?

Gym Geek Pro's training is not just an online gym. Gym Geek Pro's training hub is an online platform where customers will be able to make programs basic or advance using our exercise database a database that contains over 150 Exercises and counting, this taking away the effort of the customer having to research exercises and programs when we provide everything there for them.

An Example photo of one of our exercises ready to be entered into the exercise database.

Customers will have access to a nutritional database so they can track there diet in a purpose made food diary where the customer will simply be able to go the food diary search what food they have eaten add it to there diary this will tell the customer what nutrients they have consumed for this meal or snack,following this up there will be a recipe database with the nutrition facts already set where customers will also be able to add this to there food diary.

The Hub will have over 3000 food products uploaded in to our Nutritional Database upon startup, this will make if easy for customers to find out exactly what is in there food. 

The client will be able to calculate there macros using our built in macro calculator along with instructional pages so the client will be able to fully understand macros and how important nutrition is.

Online Coaching

As part of the hub we are also going to employ personal trainers where customers can hire a Personal Trainer, using our build in messaging and video chat system the personal trainer will then create specific programs using our exercise database to meet there clients needs.

Social Media

Gym Geek Pro's Hub will have a built in social media section where clients can post videos of there workouts or tell the community how they are getting on this is an idea we had because we do not want people to feel they are on there own within there fitness journey.  

Our Website

This is a photo of a mock up design we have made to show how the exercises in the exercise database will be categorised this is only version one of the photo so it is not the final design.  

Our Pricing

We have 2 Membership Programs Gold & Platinum. Gold you will have access to everything except the recipe database and programs. we will charge £9.99 a month for gold and £14.99 for platinum these prices will be transferable worldwide as we are hoping to launch our website worldwide.

We offer a few options as well personal trainers are able to create programs and if they want to they will charge for these programs clients will get a snippet of the program and then if they want they can purchase the program. 

The other option the customer has is "Hire A Personal Trainer" the client will be able to discuss all there needs with the personal trainer and then the personal trainer will go and create a program for the client using our system.

What will we do with the money?

We will be spending the money on developing the website and the functionality of the website we have all the documents ready to go on with the build we are just waiting for the funding for the website.

We will keep our promise to what we offer.