Fundraiser to help disabled former pro musician pay for CD/Media replication and packaging.

New stretch target

Thank you all so much - I am completely overwhelmed by your kindness and genorosity.As you've got me past my original target, I will use the extra funds that YOU have so graciously offered me to have manufactured all the items promised, and any surplus to promote the recordings more widely via limited advertising, etc, so that your investment becomes even more exclusive and that more people can hear my material.Thank you again - so very much.Paul

Project aim

Fundraiser to help penniless musician pay for CD/Media replication and packaging.

About the project

In December 2012, I had an accident which led to me being unable to work in my previous employment as a full time Entertainer.Since then - and as part of my gradual rehab from paralysis - I have been writing and recording a collection of new, original songs and pieces of music. This is nearing fruition.But I'd like people to hear it.As both my partner and I are what they call "medically retired", I can't do as I have done previously, that is personally fund CD Production, digital distribution, printing etc myself. So this is my begging letter....The Collection consists of 12 new, original songs. Demo versions of most of them are available on my website at Some can also be heard in the background to the video.The CDs are strictly limited! The album wil be on general release, but only via download services such as Apple Music/iTunes, Google Music, Amazon, etc.

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