Project owners

Project owners

Our top five questions from project owners

What are your fees and when am I charged?

Crowdfunder fees:

Crowdfunder – 5% plus VAT (VAT is 20% on the fees, so the overall fee is 6%) - charged on each pledge once your project closes successfully. The fees will already have been taken by the time the funds arrive in your payment provider account. 

Payment provider fees (you'll use Stripe or Crowdfunder payments):

Stripe – Stripe charges 1.4% plus 20p per pledge for any European cards and 2.9% plus 20p per pledge for any non-European cards - charged when pledge payments arrive in your Stripe account. 

Crowdfunder Payments – 1.67% plus VAT (VAT is 20% on the fees, so the overall fee is 2%). Both our fee and this transaction fee will be shown to you in an invoice. So if you are VAT registered you can claim this money back.

When do I get my pledges?

Pledge payments will be made once your project has closed successfully. With ‘all or nothing’ funding, a project is only successful if it hits it’s target. With ‘keep what you raise’, all projects that raise any funds are considered successful. 

Stripe – Pledges will be deposited into your Stripe account in individual payments and usually arrive within 24 hours. Pledges will be deposited straight into your linked bank account within 7 working days. Once your project has closed you will be able to log into your Stripe account to check the status of the payments.

Crowdfunder Payments - Project supporters will be charged at the time of making the pledge and the funds will then be transferred to the project owner once the project closes successfully. Payments will be transferred into your bank account after 10 - 13 working days.

What are the different funding methods available?

There are two different funding methods for Crowdfunder projects:

All or Nothing – You only receive your pledges if you hit your target. This is best suited for projects that need to reach a set target to be able to carry out their aims. The average pledge size on 'all or nothing' projects is £50.

Flexible Funding – Keep all your pledges, whether your projects hits target or not. This is best suited for causes or charitable projects. The average pledge size on 'keep what you raise' projects is £10.'All or nothing' projects generally raise more money, but you do have to hit your target. 'Flexible Funding' means you’ll keep all the money pledged by your supporters but you’ll also have to fulfil all the rewards no matter how much or little is pledged.

What happens if I don't reach my project target?

All or Nothing – If you don't hit your project target, no money will be taken from your backers. Your backers will receive an email informing them that the project has not reached its target and that they will not be charged. You'll not be charged any fees if an 'all or nothing' project does not reach it's target.

Keep what you raise – You will receive any funds pledged on your project regardless of whether you reach your target or not. Your backers will receive an email informing them that the project has closed and that they will now be charged.  You'll be charged the Crowdfunder fee of 5%  VAT on all pledges received. 

How long can I run my project for?

The longest a project can run for is 8 weeks (56 days). However, we believe that the the optimal duration of a crowdfunding project is 4 weeks (28 days). There is always a spike of activity at the beginning and end of a project, so keeping a project relatively short allows you to keep the momentum going. 

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