Telling your story

1. Planning your project

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2. Creating your project

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3. Running your project

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Telling your story

Make an instant connection with your supporters 

Now that you’re ready to start building your project page, it’s a great idea to look at some examples of other projects who have raised money with Crowdfunder. 

When visitors land on your project, you need make a connection quickly and get them excited about your project. To do this well you’ll need make sure your description is structured, concise and engaging.

Add some images and testimonials to give it a professional-looking finish.

You will probably already have a clear idea of your own project’s personality, core values and unique selling points. Think of words that you would use to describe your project.

It’s becoming more and more important for individuals, organisations, charities and businesses to use video to connect with their Crowd. 

Stay ahead of the curve and create something bespoke for your Crowdfunder project. It doesn’t have to be professionally made, shooting it with your phone or camera is fine!

Good images of the project were key. It made creating flyers, posters and social media posts much easier and more successful. We would definitely suggest getting good photographers on board to help promote your campaign.

The Real Junk Food Project from Brighton, who raised £16,035 with 457 supporters in 56 days

What makes a good project description?

Your opening statement

Briefly summarise your key points in two or three sentences. Keep it simple.

What are you trying to achieve?

Explain the problem that your project solves and why it’s important.

What makes your project great?

Introduce your project and all the key facts. Focus on what makes it unique. Why is it different? Why should people support it? Why is it important?

Cost effective

Who are you?

This is your chance to show off your expertise and build credibility, explaining why you're the right people to make this idea happen.

Tell your story

Explain how your idea was started and why you decided to make this project happen. 

How is the money being spent?

Outline what the money raised will enable you to do, showing your smart decisions with your spending.

Your rewards

Add the strongest rewards in your description to draw more attention to them.

Cost effective

Anticipate FAQs

Second guess the common questions that people might have about your idea.

Crowdfunder Bootcamp: Creating your project

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Simon Deverell

Ask for feedback on your project description and video by sharing the link to your campaign before you launch it.


Get in front of the camera - people like to give to people. Don't be afraid to get others on camera too. Testimonials are a great way of giving your project credibility.


It's pretty simplistic advice but I truly it's the best one I can give: be yourself, have fun and show the crowd why you believe in the project - if you're excited, people will get excited with you!

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Do your research! We checked out similar projects to make sure our target wasn’t unrealistic. Speaking to other successful campaigns helped us a lot.

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