Urban backyard farming system with a Passive Greenhouse and an integrated Aquaponics System to provide healthy food for our family/ Comunity

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HI Guys
We are the Froehlich Family and we are planning to do a very special project. We will use the principal of Aquaponics which means breeding fish and growing crops at the same time in a closed loop system. As you all know the climate in Scotland is not always sunny and favourable for crop growing so we will build a in a Passive Solar Greenhouse in our back yard and try to add 5 month to our growing season. This will enable us to supply the whole family and a few neighbours with fresh fish and veg the whole year around. The beauty of the Growhouse is that that it will be built to the German Passihaus Standard and all the energy used for heating and electricity will be generated within the grow house itself. We want to prove that it is possible to feed a whole family and a few people more with healthy localy grown food within the City of Edinburgh.