Green Voices for Mid Scotland and Fife

Help us elect Mark Ruskell and Louise Ramsay as Green MSPs for Mid-Scotland and Fife in 2016.

Help us elect Mark Ruskell and Louise Ramsay as Green MSPs for Mid-Scotland and Fife in 2016. 

Communities across Stirling, Perthshire, Fife and Clackmannanshire have not had Green Party representation at Holyrood since 2007, it’s time we put that Green voice back into Holyrood again.

In just under six months, Scotland will head to the polls for an election that has the power to change the future direction of our country. An election that has the power to tip the scales in favour of a fairer, more sustainable Scotland.

With just two Scottish Green MSPs currently at Holyrood, we’ve been able to punch well above our weight. From rent controls in the private sector to the fight against fracking, we’ve put pressure on the Scottish Government to give real protection to communities where it’s needed.

And this is just the beginning. We know we can do so much more.

Membership of our party is stronger than ever, which means we’re heading into the election with a real possibility of electing at least one Green MSP for Mid Scotland and Fife.

But to help make this happen, we’re going to need the biggest fighting fund we’ve ever had.

National fundraising is really important to buy us the staff resources and facilities to run the national election campaign but we also need materials on the ground to deliver the message to voters across Mid Scotland and Fife.

Can you help us reach our initial £3,000 target? 

Here’s an idea of what your donation could deliver on the ground...

£10 - gets A-boards outside three polling stations on election day displaying our campaign message

£40 - gets 400 campaign newspapers posted to the most difficult to reach rural households

£50 - prints up one huge roadside campaign field hoarding

£250 - prints 10,000 campaign newspapers for delivery by our army of volunteers