Green Party Police and Crime Commissioner

I'm Alex Longmore i've got ms but its not stopping me, i want to bring fresh thinking to policing for the people of herts and the planet

Unfortunately this project was not successful

On 12th Apr 2016 our project closed


My name is Alex Longmore. I would like to apply for the position of Hertfordshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner.

I am 37 (soon to be 38) years old and currently live in Hertfordshire, where I have resided for the past 10 years. I have been a member of the Green Party since 2014 and am actively involved with the North Hertfordshire & Stevenage Green Party.

Why me? I loved being in the police and believe I did some good but with the cuts the current government are making I think the police and the people of Hertfordshire need someone with relevant hands-on experience.

I worked as a Police Officer for 12 years: 6 years in Surrey and 6 years in Hertfordshire. I was also a volunteer Police Cadet for 3 years and a Special Constable for 3 years. This experience has given me a full understanding of all elements of police work, both nationally and locally. I am familiar with policing strategy and budgets. I’m a
believer in 'boots on the ground', not shiny shoes under desks. Being a good police officer takes compassion, tenacity and spirit.

I have led a full life and this has given me many skills which will be put to good use should I be elected. In 2012 I was medically retired from the police. I have multiple clerosis and am now a wheelchair user. At that point in my life I felt I had two choices: roll over and die or stand up (metaphorically speaking) and fight for what I believe in.

I believe it is important to focus on communities. I would look into improving police training (perhaps funds could be saved by getting initial starters to train with Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire forces). I plan to look at the structure of the force and suggest possible alternatives where improvements are needed. I will conduct a survey of Hertfordshire residents to find out what they feel is important for our communities.

I would relish working with the police, agencies, public and the media. I would take a holistic approach to community safety, with the assistance of valuable agencies which help to keep local communities safe and assist victims of crime. I am a passionate person and not afraid to stand up for what is important. I don’t like doing things in a certain way just because it has always been done that way previously. Finding workable solutions is something that comes naturally to me.