Green Kashmir

An environmental and community based project to bring Permaculture Education to Kashmir India and work with local people to regenerate ...

Green Kasmir is an environmental and community based initiative which aims to bring Permaculture Education to Kashmir. In collaboration with local projects and individuals Green Kashmir seeks to explore possibilities for environmental regeneration through permaculture principles emphasising education and community resilience building.  

While little attended to by international media, people of Kashmir are currently suffering extreme political violence  and terribly difficult conditions. A lock down since early July has forced people to stay inside their homes day and night. They have been prisoners in their own homes for over 44 days so far (23rd August 2016). Unable to go to work, to buy food or meet with others, meaning that many are running out of food and other supplies.

The ongoing conflict has had detrimental effects to Kashmir's environment, to agricultural practices and to water supplies.

Green Kashmir is not a political organisation. Starting with permaculture ethics we will work to develop and support small scale and grassroots projects from self-build housing to compost toilets and waste management, water saving and harvesting techniques, alternative heating and cooking and to more sustainable and commiunity based food growing methods.

We want to support Kashmir by sharing permaculture solutions because caring for the earth is part of a healing process that is urgently needed.

Regeneration from the ground - up.

Your donation will help train people in Kashmir in permaculture techniques and ways of thinking - creating new solutions for on-going problems - which are needed everywhere and no more so than here in Kashmir. Your donations will help us take books and resources for food growing and ecological designs and host workshops and training courses in Kashmir. 

If you are able to support us through any other resources or if you can give time or skills such as film making or healing and facilitating learning in conflict situations, please get in touch with us as well - we would love to hear from you.

Peace, blessings and thank you.