Grandma's Book

To raise funds to publish Grandma's book for her to sell copies and donate all proceeds to Altzheimers charity.

My Grandpa has Alzheimer's.  He very rarely recognises his friends and family.  He lives his life in a wonderful, caring residential home where he is fed, washed, dressed and also loved very much.

My Grandpa is an amazing person.  He was in the RAF during World War Two.  He worked for the BBC, he married the love of his life and raised a family.  He bought and sold many houses doing them up along the way, he travelled the world with his wife.  He retired.  He retrained and was ordained at Chichester cathedral.  He was a painter, a carpenter and a pianist.  He spent the rest of his retirement working for the church as a vicar and caring and supporting friends and family.  Until dementia set in.

My grandpa was a young boy, was a teenager, a husband, a dad and a very special grandpa and great grandpa.

Alzheimer's is devastatingly sad disease for the sufferers and for their loved ones.

Not only do I have an amazing Grandpa I am lucky enough to have an amazing Grandma too.

Now having to live separately to her husband due to his Alzheimer's she visits and cares, loves and supports him.

She has composed a beautiful book of quotes on Faith,  Love, Prayer, Peace, Guidance and Action.  Even with Grandpa reaching the end of his life some of these quotes are still somewhere in his heart and often on his lips, even if he doesn't know it.   She has used some of Grandpa's paintings to illustrate her book.  She has worked on this for the past year and it has now been accepted by a publisher.

Grandma would love to have her book published and donate all the proceeds to Alzheimer's charity.

However to publish this book she has to pay the publisher £5000 so this is why am putting this funding page together to try to help Grandma raise the funds to put her amazing hard work to a very good cause and a cause close to our heart and that affects so many.