Intuitive Healing Massage Therapy

A Community project London, United Kingdom

Intuitive Healing Massage Therapy

An intuitive healer, who aims to use scientific methods as a base for complimentary ones, seeks co-funding for the cost of the studies.

Project aim

An intuitive healer, who aims to use clinical therapeutic methods as a base for complimentary ones, seeks co-funding for the cost of studies.

About the project

Dear all,

As most of you know I have always dreamed of working as a healer and complimentary therapist. To those of you who don't know, I have been working in film and theatre production perviously, but I gave up this path in order to be able to pursue what I felt was my true calling. After long years of research in bodywork, psychology, psychotherapy, arts therapy, yoga, meditation and ways of traditional and modern shamanism, I have came across Ayurveda last year in India, and started working as an Ayurvedic Massage therapist. This was a revelation and literally a strike of enlightenment to myself, and I have understood that this form of healing is my genuine calling. After starting my practice, have had an outstanding feedback: people saying that their long term chronic pains are going away, headaches and migraines receding or disappearing after a treatment. This is just enormous joy and happiness!

To continue my healing practices the way I want to, I need some recognisable qualifications (I am based in the UK at the moment), and a diploma in Massage Therapy. I would love to acquire a Clinical Sports Massage diploma, as this is a good scientific approach and teaches to work with injuries and traumas therapeutically.  This is a venture I can barely afford at the moment, as I offer my treatments at discounted rates and only part time. I also support myself by working at the cafe during the weekends. I think it's a good time to ask for a helping hand :)

This is the web link to the course I want to take:

In return, I aim to keep complimentary therapies and healing practices affordable to anyone, and not being a luxurious service or highly profitable business! So after accomplishing my studies, I will continue offering same prices as before to people with limited income, and also volunteer my skills whenever needed. 

Thanks for your help and love.

Lots of Healing Light,