Golf services fore you

Golf services fore you

The purpose of this business plan is to raise £10,000 for a golf equipment selling website whileshowcasing the expected financials and op


of £10,000 target




days left

The primary revenue stream for the business will come from the sale of golf related merchandiseincluding clubs, golf shoes, golf gloves, bags, and other items associated with the sport of golf. TheCompany expects to generate contribution margins of 60% on each item sold by the Golf website . Thesecond revenue stream for the business will come from golf club re-gripping services and golf training
services offered on site. This type of equipment is becoming common place in many golf stores throughoutthe country. Lessons, at an hourly rate, will be provided on site to golfers. The third section of thebusiness plan will further describe the services offered by the Golf Website. Where we will also be able to offer online help with video tutorials etc