helps charities raise money online in new ways. We're crowdfunding to connect gaming to online fundraising like never before! helps charities raise more money online, by allowing people to set up exciting fundraising challenges based on personal goals and the things they count every day. We're crowdfunding to connect gaming to online fundraising like never before.

For something that we built in our spare time and with our own money, it has been amazing to see that in just 9 months, with a lot of hard work and without external investment, 20 charities (some of them very large ones!) have embraced the ideas of bringing back pledge-based donation and connecting the data we generate every day.

Right now, one of the coolest features of GivePenny is being able to connect specific apps, websites and wearable technologies to fundraising challenges. We already allow people to use their Fitbit to be sponsored for every step, the Runkeeper smartphone app for every mile of running, cycling or hiking and even Facebook check-ins can be counted so you can be sponsored to go to the gym or visit your local charity shop.

The money raised from this crowdfunding campaign will help us to fund the development needed to connect to Twitch, the world's leading social video platform and community for gamers and Steam, the ultimate online gaming platform. Imagine how much money could be raised for charity by the gaming community if they could set up fundraising challenges that connect their gaming experiences to donations!