Give this Bangladeshi Gamer Kid Internet for LoL

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Give this Bangladeshi Gamer Kid Internet for LoL

Mohammed "Sky King Mo" Islam is a renown League of Legends player. However he is currently facing broadband connection problems.

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 Mohammed "Sky King Mo" Islam is a renown League of Legends player. After decimating the Bangladeshi League of Legends scene, Mohammed decided it was not enough and took it upon himself to move him and his family to the UK to show the world his natural god-given talent. Upon arrival of Mohammed into the UK it did not take long for news to get around and word of the legendary Sky King Mo's arrival was quick to surface. On the first day of Mohammed's life in the UK he took his family to get some Dixy chicken. On the way home he was approached by a Sky representative called Steve who persuaded him to get Sky broadband. However this would be one of  the biggest mistakes Mohammed would ever make in his life. Steve had lied to Mohammed, promises were broken and poor Mohammed was taken for a fool. Mohammed moved to give his family a better life and instead was taken advantage of by Steve. Mohammed suffers from severe connection issues including his 500+ ms and constant disconnections. Sky King Mo no longer strikes fear into enemies on League of Legends. His so-called "High-Speed Broadband" is hindering him from becoming the worlds best League of Legends player. Mohammed is struggling to keep his family alive and sheltered. The days of eating Hutki, his favorite delicacy, are over but it does not have to be like this. Donating as little as £1 could help Mohammed save his family.