Girlguiding Hampshire West Trip to Switzerland

A Girlguiding Hampshire West trip to Switzerland for girls and young women over the age of 10 to visit one of the 4 WAGGGS World Centres

Girlguiding Hampshire West is planning a county trip to Switzerland for all Guides, Senior Section members and leaders. This provides girls from the age of 10 to visit another country, meet new people, learn about different cultures and visit one of WAGGGS (World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts) world centres. 

Girlguiding is a volunteer led organisation and this trip will be run purely by volunteers. 

Girlguiding provides girls and young women with a girl only space that allows them to be themselves without external pressures. 

This trip will provide young girls and women with opportunities that they wouldn't have had including the opportunity for international travel. For many, this has only been a dream , a dream which we are planning on making a reality. 

Whilst in Switzerland, young girls and women will have the chance to visit Our Chalet, see the highest point in Europe, experience snow and ice, climb and mountain hike as well as make friends with old and new. 

This trip will provide an international perspective to each girl's life developing their own personal values and beliefs further. It will provide a deeper understanding of cultures and traditions beyond that of Great Britain which will allow girls and young women to enhance their own potential. By developing their own personal values and beliefs through international travel it will support their academic journey, strengthening their university applications and later on job applications. A trip such as this provides girls and young women with a unique approach to making and strengthening friendships that will last them a lifetime as many will not know the other participants prior to the trip.  

Your funding will allow girls and young women from disadvanataged backgrounds to experience this once in a lifetime opportunity and make memories that will last a lifetime.