Rise of the machines

A Business project Irvine, United Kingdom

Rise of the machines

Raising money for online advertising and websites to promote my products to gain sales.

 Rise of the Machines.




**Now raising money for online presence and advertising**


Originally this project was setup to buy machines to start producing print on cups, due to an anonymous benefactor in personal life all machines have now been purchased.


About 3 months ago I set out with the idea to create the most offensive cups on the planet.  The image for this picture is the latest offering.


At present I pay £6.47 a cup complete and delivered to my door reselling them for £7.00 just to get rid of them, which makes anything I do with them lost time as well as being in the hands of suppliers.


Due to the rules of crowdfund I am unable to post any images of these, on this page however none of the cups contain nudity or offensive symbols / Political propaganda and pictures are available on request.


Any money raised through this will be used for the following

  • Websites - I currently have 5 lined up hopefully launched within 1 month of the project ending. 
  • Advertising - through facebook as well as SEO and flyers.
  • Computer Software - Needing expensive software to complete artwork.



The Future


If raising money here is successful I am looking to hit the world hard and fast selling on eBay and amazon to start with, once money is coming in I will be looking to expand into tea towels, aprons, oven gloves, t-shirts and the list goes on and on, looking to make a wide variation of different offensive products in the hope to brighten peoples days just a little.


Please send me messages and ask questions if you need any information.



I have been unsure about the rewards I should offer as I have no experience with these sort of sites. Why not send me a message if you want to see a select reward added to the side.