Project updates

Use project updates to keep your supporters in the loop. These guys have pledged on your project and are your biggest advocates so let them know what's happening and keep them up to date both during and after your Crowdfunder project.

Get backers to work for you


Sharing content

Project updates are also a great opportunity to ask your backers to share your content so don’t forget to include great content that your backers will want to share. Do include recommendations and testimonials as well as links to press coverage you have received.

You can build a community of your supporters with you project updates so they feel part of your project and are getting a behind scenes glimpse.

Promotion your project is a vital part of running your campaign. Remember if you're not telling anyone about your project then no-one will know. Keep people involved and update them - it's really important to keep them informed as you go.

  • You can send out project updates via the 'Project Updates' tab on your project page. This update will go out via email to all the people who have backed your project on the website. Also anyone viewing your project can click on the tab to read these updates

  • Sending regular project updates helps to keep the momentum high and allows your backers to feel closer to the project. Also, communicating with people who have funded you this way can help build a relationship and in turn they can help promote your project

  • Send out a project update half way through your crowdfunding campaign, telling your backers how much you appreciate their support so far and your aims for the rest of the campaign

  • Address people individually; reply to people who post on your own blog, creating conversation with your supporters

  • If you reach your target early, don’t give up on your project; keep crowdfunding. Send a project update with the hope of reaching a new milestone. Remember, you can always raise more than your target figure

  • Once you have reached your target and your project closes you'll get a list of all your backers information such as address details (if you've asked for it) – so you can deliver their rewards to them. Remember, it is your responsibility to send rewards and to communicate with backers about how you aim to do this, once crowdfunding is complete


Thank your backers

Keep up your good reputation by replying to comments and thanking all your backers personally - it’s good manners and keeps your page looking lively.

After your project finishes it doesn’t stop there:

  • Update people on how much you raise when your campaign finishes

  • Keep them informed on the progress of your project - you can do this via the project update page on your project page

  • Let people know when they are likely to receive their rewards

  • Update them on future events / projects outside of your crowdfunding campaign: Build your community for the future, not just now

  • Come back and crowdfund with us again. You already have a strong support network, why not crowdfund bigger and better!