Getting funded

Communicating your project idea with your community is key to getting successfully funded.

Sharing your project with your network, and asking them to share it with their network, is essential.

Steps to success

Appeal to a wide audience

Top 4 steps

1. Appeal to a wide audience

2. Get feedback from friends and family

3. Start strong with early pledges

4. Share your project page. Tell everyone!

It's so important not to keep your idea to yourself - tell everyone. Promotion is key to a successful campaign and it's so important to start this even when your idea is just a thought inside your head. Spend time talking about your idea with people you know and across social channels. Spend time building a team who will help share your project once it's live.

  • Before your project is live, we recommend at least one month’s promotion - projects that have done this have had a greater success rate

  • Create a 30 day project plan, including when you want the project to begin, how much money you hope people will pledge each day and at what stages you will update your audience on project progress

  • Create a Twitter and Facebook account for your project and connect with similar online forums to discuss your project

  • Use social media: To have the greatest chance of success, start using this a month before your project is uploaded onto the Crowdfunder site. This way, people are aware and eager to be involved, when you do release the project officially

  • If you don’t already have one, create a blog; this way you’ll meet lots of people that have similar interests. Great free blogging sites include Wordpress or Blogger

We are keen to help our project owners with their campaigns as much as possible which is why we give you the chance to download our FREE Fundraising pack. If you want all our tips to running a great campaign then download our Fundraising pack on how to create and run a successful project, and read our 95 Crowdfunding Tips - written by past project owners.