Get our Soldiers off the Street

Get our Soldiers off the Street

We have all seen Homeless veterans on our streets but what support do they actually have? None! So help me, help our Ex-service Personnel

We did it!

On 12th Feb 2016 we successfully
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The Project


In the past couple of months I have personally seen an increasing amount of homeless on the streets of the UK. After talking to some of these people, I have found that many are Ex-Service personnel which is something that should never happen since they fought for our country and put their life on the line. Their life is on the line again not for this country but to survive and yet our country doesn't put anything on the line for them!


I am currently in the process of setting up a charity that houses these homeless Veterans but goes a step further. Not only will we house them, but we will get them back on their feet. We will provide them a house rent & bill free for the first 6-9 months, in that time we will spend countless hours per week to get them a job, get them trained & educated and back living in the 20th century with a roof over their heads and food in their bellies.  

With the way our government currently gives aid to foreign countries I would like to see some money actually stay in the UK and support the people who have fought for this country rather than it go somewhere else and we don't see the results!

I am Hoping to raise £60,000. This amount is just the starting block to really help those that need it. The £60,000 will be spent as follows

  • £55,000 on the first House
  • £5,000 on bills, food, anything else that is needed to help.

Any legal fees to purchase the property will be funded out of my pocket as my donation to the cause.

If we raise more than £60,000 then anything over that will go towards purchasing the next house and the house after that!


So a little bit about me......

I used to work for the government but now I work in the Security Industry. I have seen many people in dire situations and I have always helped out as mush as I could. What really got me into doing this, is that fact our government gives millions of pounds to countries like india who have more money than our country yet there is still alot of people such as homeless ex-service personnel in this country that need the help more! With the contacts I have gained within many organisations over the past few years, they have said they will provide free help to as many people as we can house. So with your help whether its £1 or a £100 if we can hit our target then we can at least begin to help those in this country who really need it.

Lets get Homeless Soldiers off of the Street and Living a decent Life again!

If you have any questions please ask and I will endeavour to answer as quickly as possible.

  1. What happens after 6-9 months? If the Veteran has found a stable job then we will ask for a fair rent to enable us to purchase more houses to help more homeless veterans. if however he is still job hunting then he will remain rent free.
  2. Who will actually own the properties? Once this project has been funded I will set up the charity and all properties will be registered in the charities name.
  3. Will all monies raised stay within the UK? YES!!! no money will leave the uk, it will be used to fund this project all over the uk.




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