Get me to uni

Hi I'm Emma and I'm desperate to Persue my passion, back in 2013 my whole identity was stolen leaving a 25 year old girl in 30,000 of debt.

Hi my names Emma and I'm desperate to Persue my passion, but back in 2013 i had my whole identity stolen running up a debt of nearly 30,000 

getting funding for me had not been easy,

back in 2013 my identity had been hacked meaning my bank details my address and identity had all been used and left me with a lot of debt that wasn't mine and a credit rating of "0" when I hadn't even got a loan credit card, overdraft or anything.

when applying to do what I really love "music" I found I could apply for what's called a personal career development loan, when I applied it came back rejected, wondering why this was the case I decided to Persue it further this was then when I revealed the awful truth to what had happened. Leaving me with all my dreams but no place to Persue them, I'm begging you for some help I just need enough for my first year and then I may be able to get a scholarship for the rest.  Please help if you can.