Get Beth and Grady to New Zealand

A Community project New Zealand

Get Beth and Grady to New Zealand

Saving to relocate to NZ after returning to UK for a holiday and staying to help out when family member passed away.

My name is Grady McEvoy.

I am saving to relocate myself and my girlfriend to New Zealand, back to where I spent 10 years growing up, to the country where Beth dreams to settle. I am putting away what I can each month but Beth is a student and does not have an income.

I came back on a holiday but just before my date to return, my grandfather passed away and I stayed to help out my grandmother, and met Beth.

I don't expect this speel to appeal to many, but, if you are happy with where you are, what you have, and have even just £1 to spare, that will help us so much to move on with the next chapter in our life.