Genuine Spare Parts

S R G is in the business of supply of spare parts for heavy equipment, generators.

Executive Summary

S R G is one of the leading provider of Industrial, Marine & commercial spare parts. Established since 2012 SRG caters leading economic supporting sectors such as mining, construction, industrials where continuous support is necessary to run effectively throughout the calendar year. This means time bound operation with minimal loss. Whether it’s heavy equipment or generator or boat or vessel or a trailer spare parts we have the solution with minimum cost.
SRG’s customers are based on Middle East, Africa & Asian market which is a very promising and emerging market. SRG have tie ups with many fleet owned companies promising regular business.
What drives us the most is to be an unique provider with end to end solutions.

Spare parts and beyond

Legal Structure
SRG is operating as Limited Liability Company with ownership under Vimal Mohan.

SRG’s main market is based in GCC, Africa & Asia. Spare parts market is an ever growing market. Few years back this field was
effected by counterfeiting and cheap products. But due to many quality factorings by manufacturers, customers can now find the
difference in quality and choose the right product. This has helped the business to grow well. As per latest research GCC & African
markets are very promising and will continue to be the same for next 15 years.

Growth Strategy
 Acquire agency of a leading OEM & aftermarket brand
 Increase inventory of consumables & engine parts with less shelf life
 Extend the boundary by opening offshore offices in Africa
 Buying office in USA
 Extensive marketing via social, traditional
 Participation in exhibitions

 Advertising in target markets
 Regular meetings with procurement officers of potential companies
 Exhibit in consumer markets
 More social media advertisements

Exit Strategy
Like every business there will be unforeseen circumstances effecting the business. We have a proper strategy by which if at all a situation comes
to exit, that would be with a profitable exit. In coming two years we plan to increase our inventory by which increase the job opportunity to
maximum. 60-70% of funds will be utilized for purchase of inventory.
Inventory purchased is projected to be sold with lessor shelf life. Anticipated shelf life is maximum 2 months with less than 5% expected to be
surplus. This strategy helps in easy liquidation with minimal period. Since majority of the inventory planned to purchase are consumables &
engine parts, risk of becoming surplus is minimized.
By month 2 of investment another location will be added which helps in wider range of reach. Buying office in Delaware will save up to 7% of
cost by avoiding agents and improves direct & better relationship with dealer/manufacturer. Another 7-10% can be saved by direct shipment to
clients outside UAE on order basis.
By end of 3rd year due to higher volume of inventory purchased, cost expected is to be minimized to as low as 50% which again helps in
liquidation with no loss or profit.