Start Up - North Wales Horror Attraction

We would like to raise money to build and open a horror attraction in North Wales. Help us realise our dream!!!!

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Garden Den was born after a lifelong love of special effects and illusions. The outcome of that love and dream was Studio 13, a fully interactive horror attraction however Studio 13 and all its monsters are currently homeless and desperately seeking a new location. North Wales  was suggested as a possible location, and so it transpired this is where Studio 13 was destined to be. This has been in the planning for nearly 5 years with set designs  season themes and all round scares were thought up and designed. However we have hit a huge hurdle but are determined to overcome it and bring Studio 13 to the residents and many visitors of North Wales.

Garden Den (Studio 13) will bring together all elements of a good Horror Attraction, from all round boo scares to terrifying room escapes. There will be a team of fully live monsters around every corner challenging you every step of the way, we are even hoping to have a Bar and Food facilities on site too, providing the  perfect stomach-filling menu, and not just for the attraction  the Bar and Food area will be open to everyone.

For the many visitors, Studio 13 will be a test of will power and stamina, for others it may just beat them. Garden Den aims to provide a fully unique and terrifying experience for all. There will be a range of themes and interactive escapes aswell as monster filled maze.


Upon realising Garden Den's future it became apparent very quickly that there was far more work required than initially thought - or budgeted for. Local businesses, organisations and friends have also been extremely generous with donations of equipment and time. Garden Den's dream for Studio 13 is not only to provide for horror lovers, but offer jobs and attract tourists to an already thriving tourist resort. Garden Den has already attracted the community 'thumbs up'. A wave of interest and excitement has also been generated. Our monsters were out and about this halloween and caused quite a stir the local spooktacular halloween event.

Passion for Horror has been reignited - but the fire needs stoking. There is a light though, the total raised here can be used to strengthen our funding applications with the likes of TISS and Visit Wales. We already have backing and support from the local councils and business wales but we need the communtiy to pull together and help.

Make a pledge here and you not only help with the huge regeneration taking place in north wales (big pat on back to you!), you not only assist in a new local business (thank you!), but  check out the 'Rewards' (yay!) - as well as Garden Den and it's monster's ever lasting gratitude!