Gap Year Travel Company

We are an adventure travel company for 18-35 year olds who would like to take a career break or gap year abroad. Working travel adventures!

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We are an exciting new  company selling:

  • Adventure travel
  • Work abroad programmes 
  • International internships
  • Volunteer projects
  • Gap year Insurance
  • Group Tours
  • Ranch work
  • Customer protection / fully insured

A little about us....  

Hi I'm Adam!  Back in 2015 we set up gapseekers this was largely due to me coming back from my own traveling abroad and wanted to build something that would benefit others the same as it did me.  Up until now gapseekers has been funded my myself after we set about making contact with all the suppliers in the industry and talking with trade organisations.   There is so much I could speak about but I will keep it to the point. Here is some of what we do...

Adventure Travel

This is a fun exciting way for our gapseekers to travel and meet new friends, we offer a wide range of popular adventure tours across destinations like the Australia outback, Thailand and Vietnam as well as the USA and Canada.  It is THE best way to see the world.


How do you fund such a epic trip?  Well we have an app for that!  We supply popular work and travel programmes across Australia and New Zealand.  The wages here are quite high and this gives people the ultra flexibility to work on and off as they please. Sound good?  You bet it does.  It lets our gapseekers earn their money in a couple of months and spend it on the tours we provide for them.  My personal favourite is our guaranteed job offer Ranch Work Australia!  The programme speaks for itself


What a way to make a difference to offer peoples lives around none the world other than volunteer!  We have programmes covering Africa, Americas, Asia and Europe and activates covering Teaching, Conservation work, Animal Welfare, epic road trips plus many many more experiences. 


Just come out of university or school and don't have those qualifications?  Then a gapseeker internship is just for you!  This is the ideal way to travel the world esp Australia and New Zealand and undertake a 4-6 week internship.  When you get back to the UK you will have ample experience to obtain you dream career.  


We cover so many destinations but to sum it up we specialise in Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia, America and Canada.  There are so many fun packed activates to choose form we just cant keep adding them fast enough to the website.

So why do we need your support?

Gapseekers until now has been funded by the team and we have taken this as far as our pockets have let us.  We have kept prices to a basic minimum and now need the funding to take what we have built and make it better than our competitors. 

We need these funds for three reasons: 

  1. Build a automated website  with XML feeds: this will let us keep up to date with the trips and programmes that we sell, if something changes with our suppliers then it changes right away on our end. We simply do not have the man power to change the hundreds of variables per month that need altering.  
  2. To take what we have now continue it and make it better: At the moment people can only book online, we will use the funds to provide a telephone communication system and office where we can be contacted during the day.  
  3.   Marketing!  Without the funds we simply cannot let people know about our fantastic life changing programmes.  If people do not know what great products we sell under this brand we cannot make the sales. 

Some of the countries we have programmes in:

  • New Zealand
  • Australia
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam
  • America 
  • Many more

The leaflets above are just some of our marketing material.

Explore what this  world has to offer!

Cattle mustering

We sell a 27 day Learn to sail programme whith a job at the end if it suits you.

Learn to SURF like a pro!!

Take an Internnatinal internship and enhance your CV.

Get to see STUNNING landscapes!


The Team

We have a core team of three people at gapseekers at the moment all well traveled and experienced in business development, marketing and sales.  You will get the opportunity to meet with us all at our launch party so hope to see you there! 

As a thank you... Join our club!!

Not only will you become a life long gapseeker and have a certificate to remember this epic time with but as a thank you for investing in us not only as a company but as individuals we have put together a huge list of BENEFITS you can use as part of the GAPSEEKER INVESTOR CLUB!!



Contact directly : INFO@GAPSEEKERS.COM