£40,000 for projects in Ernesettle and Plymouth image

Up to £10,000 of £40,000 fund

Funding for educational, sporting and infrastructure projects that will have a lasting impact on Plymouth and in the Ernesettle area.

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More money for local communities

Up to £10,000 for educational, sporting and infrastructure projects in Plymouth and Ernesettle.

Projects that have a lasting impact and community benefit will be considered for extra funding from Plutus PowerGen.

If you're raising money for a project that meets the following criteria, you could be eligible:

  • Definable community benefit, e.g. educational, youth or elderly orientated
  • Health and wellbeing orientated
  • Other wider benefits for the community

Projects need to hit 15% of their funding target to be considered. 

If you tick their boxes, Plutus PowerGen could pledge up to 75% of your target, to a maximum pledge of £10,000.

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