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Up to £10,000 of £100,000 fund

For community, voluntary, and faith organisations with innovative, fresh ideas that benefit local communities within Lewisham.

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Bringing communities together

Crowdfund Lewisham is a new way to raise money for projects that benefit local communities in Lewisham.

Lewisham Council has a £100,000 pot to support projects that actively promote community involvement and social inclusion.

We’re looking for projects that offer new, innovative ways of working with the community, not just business as usual.

Eligible projects could be anything from community activities, to working with vulnerable adults, or arts and sports related initiatives that bring people of all ages and abilities together.

How it works

First you need to show you’ve got support from the Crowd to unlock extra funding from Lewisham Council.

If your project fits the bill and you reach 15% of your funding target, Lewisham Council could pledge a further 65% of up to a maximum pledge of £10,000. 

Projects that aren’t eligible are still encouraged to upload their ideas to Crowdfund Lewisham and make them happen.