Staffordshire Pre-register for the Children and Families Fund

We will be launching the £50,000 Children and Families fund in November 

The funding aims to support organisations or individuals with the money they need to help improve the independence and wellbeing of vulnerable families, and avoid the problems that might mean they rely on social care and health services in the future. 

You could receive up to £5,000, if the community also supports your project.

Do you think that your projects could be eligible?

Thinking of running your campaign in November?

If you pre-register now you could be one of the projects that take centre-stage and benefit from our big publicity campaign. Pre-registering takes just a few moments (it’s not a full application form) and will tell us a little more about what you’re planning.

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Up to £5,000 of £50,000 fund

Funding available to organisations looking to make a big difference to the lives of children and families in our communities.

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We need to know more about your idea before you can apply, so complete your project we’ll remind you about this fund.

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