£58,000 Angus Council Community Grant Scheme image

Up to £1,250 of £58,000 fund

Angus Council is providing match funding to not-for-profit organisations, constituted groups and charities whose projects benefit the people of Angus.

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Angus Council Community Grant Scheme 

Up to £1,250 funding available for your project

Supporting community projects in Angus

If you are an Angus-based, non-profit making constituted group, charity or partnership of various groups you can use Crowdfund Angus to get people to support your project ideas. 

Angus Council Community Grant Scheme may be able to match fund 50% of your target up to a maximum pledge of £1,250.

What can be funded? 

We will be looking to support projects that benefit the community of Angus, for example arts projects, heritage projects, sports, events or even buying new equipment to help expand your club or activities.

We may also support activities that are educational; health related or generally improves people's quality of life.