Funds for Flossy, rescue Bunny

Help our Charity raise vital funds for Flossy's Ear Abscess operation.

Flossy and Stan came into our care at the beginning of Aug 2016, recently rescued from a hoarding situation, sadly Flossy has since been diagnosed with a middle Ear Abscess and as such needs to undergo an Operation ASAP to remove the infection.  This will be carried out by the wonderful Rabbit Savvy Veterinary team at the Royal Dick Vet's Rabbit Clinic

You can read Flossy and Stan's story here

Our Charity does not have the funds to go ahead with the procedure and we would very much like to give this bunny a chance at life; she is otherwise a very bright, happy, alert, cheeky and bossy girl who deserves to live out her life with her hus-bun Stan.

We need to raise around £1,400 to cover her veterinary bills, she recently underwent a CT Scan to determine the extent of her condition and the good news is it is treatable, but the procedure does need to be carried out sooner rather than later.

She is currently undergoing medical treatments at home (antibiotics, pain relief and drugs to alleviate a secondary infection in her left nasal cavity) in the hope that it lessens the impact of the infection until such times as we can look to schedule her appointment for this vital procudre.

Sadly, without this operation her future is very bleak and her condition will only deteriorate leaving us with one option, to end her suffering, which we obviosuly do not want to do.

Please help us help Flossy, thank you! :) 

Ear Abscesses in Rabbits