Donations Distrubution to Refugees in Europe

A Community project Bristol, United Kingdom

Donations Distrubution to Refugees in Europe

The funds generated here will be used to ship much needed supplies to people fleeing war torn countries such as Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq.

Sorry to everyone for the change in description, with the situation ever changing so do my plans.

I will be setting up a different funding page when this one runs out on the 22nd to help get much needed supplies to the refugee camps I am planning on working in.

The funds generated here will now be used to buy and ship medical supplies for refugee camps on the Greek Isles.

I will be self funding my travels to Turkey, on the 14th of January, and then travel further in Europe, moving through Turkey, to the Greek Island of Chios.

I have had contact with the refugee camp set up on the Island and am currently looking to buy much needed medical supplies.

The Facebook page I have set up let's people know what's needed for clothing donations and drop off points in Bristol. I can also collect. 

Any materials donated that are not suitable for shipping to Greece will be donated to the Calais and Dunkirk camps of France. 

Working with people on the ground at camps and in the UK, I will be able to get these donations to those most in need and help them to their destination, wherever that may be.

As you can see from images and reports on social media, people are fleeing with little more than a small rucksack or a binbags worth of items to walk the majority of the way across Europe or risk their lives on boats to the Greek Isles. On these boats there is little room for people, never mind belongings.

So, with winter well on it's way, any donation made here big or small will go directly to helping individuals caught up in, yet another, life threatening situation.

Thank you.