Funding my MA English Language & Linguistics

Funding my MA English Language & Linguistics

To pay for my studies in MA English Language and Linguistics in University of Westminster (fees, accommodation, monthly stipend)

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Hello all.

My name is Nurin and I'm a Malaysian English teacher. I graduated in Bachelor of Education (Hons) TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) in 2012 and only in 2014 I got offered to teach in a secondary school. As soon as I joined the education field, the teaching content has evolved intensely in the Malaysian education system. From syllabus, to classroom, to teaching methodologies, a lot of them has changed from what I studied before. Hence, it became tougher for me to adapt with the new teaching environment. That's when I realised that I need to get my master's degree so that I can fully develop my potential in becoming a better teacher for my students.

Recently I got offered to pursue my Master's Degree in 6 different universities in the UK. I chose to accept the offer from University of Westminster because the course starts next year so I have more time to get the fund needed. As an international student, funding part is always the biggest issue. I have looked for scholarships from local companies/bodies, and unfortunately they only fund students studying in local universities or those pursuing courses like law, business, medicine etc. I felt helpless because I have no where else to turn. My salary alone could not cover the fees, let alone other expenses. So when I found out that 'crowdfunding' does exist, I am very keen to try. Perhaps, it's time to put faith in humanity.

Overall, the objective of this campaign is to raise a fund to pay for my tuition fees, accommodation and monthly stipends for a year. I have to take an unpaid leave to study in University of Westminster in January 2018. Therefore, I really need help from all of you to help me get my degree in MA English Language and Applied Linguistics next year. Below is the breakdown of the financial cost that I would like to raise:

Tuition fee: £12500 (for 1 year)

Accommodation, utility bills, public transport, books, laundry & other expenses (38weeks)= £20000

Total: £32500

I never live in London but I know it could be rather expensive as my campus is in Regent Campus, Central London. This is just a rough calculation of the living cost (based on the university calculator: So if I can raise close to the amount, that would be more than enough. I know I am asking so much already, but I am really hoping someone out there would lend a hand in times like this.

Only God can repay all your kindness, thank you :)