Funding for Masters in Business Finance

Funding for Masters degree Business Finance

I am a student living in the UK who wishes to persue his dreams in studying Business Finance as a Masters degree. I come from a working class background to which none of my parents have achieved any sort of qualifications in the UK and are unable to fund me for the course i am passionate about. I recieved a Loan from the government which covers some of the tuition fees. However, still have to gather some funding for the rest of the fees, along with maintence and travel. I do work part time however this just about helps with expenses at home making it hard for me to save my money and contribute to my own degree. 3 years ago at the age of 19 i started studying the finacial markets and wish to become a broker or an investor. To not only repay my parents for all they have done for me but pull my family out of our daily struggle, unfortunately this ended at studying and i never put my knowledge to the test due to lack of finances. I am looking for funding for my degree to brighten my families life up and i am willing to work for a firm that provides this funding as a Business Finance graduate.