Fund my wedding

Fund my wedding

My names jay Help me fund my special day May 2016 Copy and paste it help me get my goal x

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My names jay

I'm getting married may 2016


My family are struggling to pay for my wedding. we have been though difficult times past few years and I don't like asking my parents for money, for my wedding funds, as I know they are struggling.

So the money will go towards the food, my venue, my outfits,

I've put a deposit down for my venue which is on the may 2016, I know its few months away, but I didn't realise we all would be struggling sooo much to pay.

I have maxed out my credit cards without telling my family.

I don't want my family knowing that I'm doing this.

Ive  dreamed about a beautiful wedding, for many years, this is my last resort..

I need to pay for, caterers, flowers,temple,drinks,beers,wines. Much more..

Please. Help me