Fund for Colon Cancer Treatment

A Charities project Chittagong Division, Bangladesh

Fund for Colon Cancer Treatment

Please help us to raise £4000 for Mr Robiul to get his Colon Cancer Treatment in a Cancer Specialised Hospital. Help us save him.

This is an urgent appeal for everyone. I am currently help raising some money to arrange Colon Cancer Treatment for my uncle Mr Robiul. Doctors have diagnosed him and found out the Colon Cancer on 24/09/16. He and his family can't bear all the expenses for the treatment. He is the only earning member of his family. And now he ill and unable to work and feed his family. He doesn't have any assets at all. We already contacted all our relatives to help us as much as they can. We need all the helps we can get. It is nearly impossible without anyone's help. 

We only have few weeks left. Only the operation would cost him around 400000 BDT (£3900) as per Doctors estimate. And there is also few radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatment needs to be done after the operation, which is also very expensive. 

So please, everyone come forward and help us to beat Cancer. 

Thank You All For Supporting