Franky Lannon Thankyou Fund (Funeral)

A Music project Wolverhampton, United Kingdom

Franky Lannon Thankyou Fund (Funeral)

Franky Lannon died suddenly on Tuesday 3rd November 2015. He was my dad and I'm grateful that he gave me a guitar when I was 12. I...

Franky Lannon died suddenly on Tuesday 3rd November 2015 and he was my dad. When I was 12 he gave me my first guitar.  This started a life long love affair with playing the guitar and led to me making teaching guitar my full time career.  Playing guitar has helped me through some pretty dark times and I will be forever grateful to him.

As a Thankyou I'd like to go some way to raising the £3,500 needed to pay for his funeral (my target is £1200).

For every £10 donated I'm going to give away my Album. The Album is called 'Found' and features music I've written for the guitar; as well as tracks I've co-written with my wife Nikki as part of our duo 'SweetJoNi'. My daughter Anna has also kindly donated a track she wrote. I will provide a link to those making a donation of £10 or more via dropbox; where the tracks can be downloaded.

Please help us in saying our goodbyes to dad who will be missed.