Frais Loch Coull - Scottish Seafood Export

Frais Loch Coull is a very new business venture and I would like to help fund lobster pots for them to expand and succeed.

 Frais Loch Coull is a very new business venture masterminded by 3 hardworking guys. They have already done one trip to France and are close to undertaking trip No.2. 

I am hoping to raise money by crowd funding to enable the business to buy lobster pots so they can branch out. Lobsters are in very high demand in France. 

I know all of our friends and family are rooting for the business to do well and I hope that if you have any spare pennies you could throw them this way and help find what is sure to be a successful business. I will make sure they won't forget who helped them when they are rich and famous

Thanks for reading