Fowey Renewable Energy Enterprise (FREE)

Fowey Renewable Energy Enterprise (FREE) was set up in 2011 initially as a working party for Fowey Town Forum.

Fowey Renewable Energy Enterprise aka FREE

FREE was initialy set up with the Town Forum to take forward the energy parts of the Town Plan and our registration was paid for by the Town Council. We had initial funding from the Co-operative Enterprise Hub for a few days advice from our local Co-operative Development Body. We then conducted feasability work with LEAF funding.

Last year we teamed up with Community Power Cornwall who have been helping us to turn our ideas into reality. With their help we then installed 50kW of pv on a roof at Penhale Caravan & Camping Park this March with funding from EnergyFundCornwall.

We want to make best use of the energy produced by our community owned PV by adding storage to our existing installation. This will further reduce co2 emmissions, improve local money flows and demonstrate the potential of energy storage

We need your help, support and votes because we can't make battery storage stack up yet as an enterprise when we have to borrow the capital. We think storage is an important part of the energy revolution, but right now it needs a little help.

Have a look at CPC's films page for an idea of where we want to be in a year or two.