Trying to hire a hacker.

Someone imitating dead girl (illegal) please read full info!

My dead best friend had a skype. She only told me the password and only used skype on her phone which got destroyed when she died. I was there when she died so I know she's dead, it's illegal for somebody to pretend to be someone who is dead. All of my messages I've had with her are on that skype and I'd want nothing more than to see them again, she also sent me pictures of herself and I don't have any on my current computer so I'm so desperate to get them too. I love her so much. I need to hire a hacker which is £35. Any donation helps, please.. I cant get a job, I'm too young. I'm relying on the hearts of others.. Skype has been useless and hasn't contacted me after 5 days of waiting.