Fly Back to Love

Raising money for a bulk printing and to create an interactive website for the book “Take Control of Your Spacecraft and Fly Back to Love."

Hello, I’m Keith Higgs the author of “Take Control of Your Spacecraft and Fly Back to Love - a Manual and Guidebook for Life's Journey.” The book is complete and shortly going to the printers and is also being formatted for eBook distribution.

I’m starting this Crowd funding project as I’d appreciate your help in taking the launch to the next level, with printing extra copies of the book and the creation of a multimedia interactive web site for the book. People will be able to read the book online and see different quote pictures that we couldn’t include in the print version, follow various threads from the topics and Keywords, and listen too or download the audio version that I am recording.

You can be an important part of making this happen! There are some powerful healing tools and solutions in the book and my desire is to get them to as many people as possible. These words can change lives! Your help is essential!



There are some great rewards for your help see the list down the side of the page. You can get early copies of the book for less than the publishers reccomended pricing!

In advance, I offer tremendous gratitude and blessings for your support. Thank you.

The ideas from the book:

Wayne Dyer shared we are not physical humans looking for a Spiritual solution but Spiritual being looking to enjoy an earthly journey.

Our spirit voyages here in this body or spaceship. The trouble starts, as by the time we start to become aware the autopilot/subconscious mind has already been programmed by instructions from our parents, our DNA, our schools, and our religions etc. We have also added meanings and beliefs made in our childhood which in later life no longer serve us. This means that when we attempt to take control of our voyage it often flies in many other directions than those we’d like.

The book offers awareness, solutions and a guide—how to live, prosper and Fly Back to the Love, that we have been all along.

See for more information and to read some of the soon coming book.