Flowstone African Bush Botanicals Gin

Flowstone Gin: help us bring the amazing flavours of sun-kissed Africa to the world.

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Savour the sun-kissed botanicals of Africa with Flowstone Gin! A handcrafted premium small batch gin created in the beautiful Bushveld of the South African highlands.

The Bushveld is the iconic habitat of this rugged terrain of northern South Africa, it embodies the spirit of adventuring: safaris, big game, wildness, and of course, spectacular bush scenery, perfect for sipping gin as the sun sets.

The Bushveld has incredible biodiversity. It is botanically rich, and exploring the flavours and aromatic notes that this canvas provides has been, and continues to be, a fascinating adventure for us. Sourcing botanicals that have been used over millennia as decoctions, infusions, and even love potions, we have leant on botanists and folklore to built our unique flavour profiles.

Our Gins

Founded in July 2016, Flowstone has three unique varieties in our range: CucumisCombretum, and Maroela.


Cucumis metuliferus is a magnificently spiked cucumber that grows wild in the Bushveld and is the lead flavour in our ‘CUCUMIS’ gin . Inside, the bright green globules of flavour are part fresh cucumber and part lime. Kiwi and litchi notes develop as it ripens. Complimentary fresh green tones from the elusive ‘Bushman’s Grape‘ berry and coriander add depth to the finish. A soft, smooth gin taste adventure.


The massive winged seed pods of the Combretum zeyheri impart the unique flavour that lingers in our 'COMBRETUM’ gin. Part umami, part earthy, its woody notes combine with fragrant citrus overtones. Floral notes come from Buddleja, whose profuse flowers attract masses of butterflies in spring, and fruits of the ‘wait-a-bit’ thorn add a hint of spice to the traditional botanicals.


Delicious and sunset-coloured, ripe maroela (Sclerocarya birrea) evokes the rich botanical tapestry of the bushveld landscape.  Loved by elephants (and us!) our 'MAROELA' gin has spicy tangy tones married with juniper, floral notes from fragrant Dombeya Wild Pear blossom and highlights of Star Anise. A classic African flavour, Maroela  opens a complex and delightful new palette to transport you into the heart of an African sunset.

Project Aim

Your help brings us one step closer to bringing something new and exciting to the craft gin market. We are currently the only distillery making use of the Bushveld, and with your help, we can bring these amazing flavours to the world.

Flowstone Distillery is set up to produce these wonderful gins. We have the premises and the necessary licensing and distilling equipment for limited runs of all three botanical varieties. We have been through the cycles of testing flavour combinations and aromatics of our craft gins and have finalised our unique recipes. Currently, our first batch of gin is in the stills.  

All pledges will go towards the commercialisation of our distillery and the production of our first batch of gin for the open market.   

Meet the Flowstone Team

We are an international team brought together by our love of the African bush and good quality gin. Based in the UK, South Africa and Australia, Mark French, Glyn French, Justin Adams, Rhiannon Stammers, and Bryan Mardghum, our distiller, make up the core team (left to right in the image below). 

Delivery of pledges in the UK will be handled by Mark, who is based in Nottingham, so you can be assured you will receive your reward in a timely manner.


We have 15 rewards on offer, including each of our gins, glassware, coasters, and the exclusive opportunity to own one of the original artworks that form our labels by renowned artist Jenny Hyde-Johnson.   Jenny is an internationally acclaimed botanical and wildlife artist, regularly exhibiting at the Birds in Art exhibition with pieces in the Leigh Yawkey Woodson permanent collection.  She has won gold every time she has entered the Kirstenbosch Biennial Botanical Art exhibition and is included in the highly prestigious and respected Hunt Institute botanical artists directory. Her paintings are included in the Shirley Sherwood collection at Kew Gardens.

Below is an example of the coasters featuring Jenny's artwork and glassware we have on offer as rewards. 

As a thank you to all who make any form of pledge to our project, we will be erecting a plaque with all pledgers names on it within our distillery. Without your help, our dream could not be realised and we greatly appreciate your generosity.

We are privileged to be able to offer one of Jenny's original artworks as part of our rewards. Above you can see her working on the Cucumis label.


Our reward pricings have been constructed to include all costs related to production, international and domestic shipping, and all applicable taxes and duties. Which means you have nothing extra to pay.

We anticipate our gins will retail for £45. You have the opportunity to sample our craft gin ahead of any on-the-shelf availability, as it will not be available in the UK until 2018. 

The date we anticipate each reward being available is indicated in each reward description. However, this is subject to change as our gins are subject to the fruiting seasons of the cucumis and maroela. We will update you if these dates change.

Products shown in images may be subject to change, this includes the glassware and coasters. However, the gin will be crystal clear and great tasting!

Corporate packages are also available to private investors. We are happy to discuss other rewards based options.

Africa is constantly full of surprises, this is one to savour and enjoy! 

Thank you for your support,
Mark, Glyn, Justin, Rhiannon and Bryan, the Flowstone Team