First Alcohol Vaporizer Shop

A Business project Gravesend, Kent

First Alcohol Vaporizer Shop

I would like to open a dedicated alcohol vaporizer shop for both home/commercial use. A revolutionary new way to consume alcohol.


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Having spent many years working within the Bar industry, when I recently came across Alcohol Vaping and my entire knowledge of alcohol and it's comsumption was turned upside down. A change I would not undo, even if I could. Now I would like to open a dedicated alcohol vaporizer shop for both home/commercial use.

So what is the Alcohol Vaping?

A revolutionary new way to consume alcohol where alcohol is inhaled rather than swallowed.

Through vaporisation, the taste of the individual spirits becomes smooth and flavourful with the subtleties coming through beautifully. Vaporised alcohol contains no impurities, almost no calories, and no carbs. The effects are felt rapidly, giving you more immediate control of your imbibing.

How does it work?

A shot of spirit is poured with a funnel into the container and then heated. In 5 minutes the spirit is ready to consume. Depending on your approach, the alcohol will stay ``active`` for approximately 30 minutes before the alcohol is exhausted, and effects areally said to last between 10 and 20 minutes. 

Can I Use Any Liquor?

Vaportini is not intended for beer or wine - any spirit with a minimum alcohol content of 35% is recommended.

No Hangover

Responsibly imbibing with the Vaportini reduces the intake of many of the impurities that are present in distilled alcohol such as acetaldehyde which is reponsible for the debilitating day-after hangovers.