First Aid in Schools

1200 NEW QUALIFIED FIRST AIDERS "Save a Life - Teach"

 Hi there, how are you? I'm currently going round speaking to members of the public to drum up support in teaching First Aid in schools. 

I am currently studying Medicine at Newcastle University, for a project and experience I am  planning on visiting schools in the surrounding area and further afield and put young teens through a 6week first aid course. 

Per student an average 6 week course costs around £60-£120 meaning around £3000-£5000 per class. With local partners and sponsors it has been arranged that with £5000 I will be able to fully qualify 40 classes, meaning 1200 new life savers. 

Only 1 in every 20 people know what to do in an emergency - do you?

By teaching children young your imprinting knowledge that will stay with them in the future therefore helping them to keep safe and helping them to keep our communities safe.

Help make tomorrow a safer today.


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