Fight Back Fund For Stop The Swanage Gas Rig

Help us conduct an ecological survey rebuttal and stop the Swanage Gas Rig

Planning permission has been granted for a gas rig next to Durleston Country Park in Swanage Dorset.

The project is expected to start in October 2016.

Planning for this gas rig has been approved with minimal ecological survey work and no input rom Dorset Wildlife Trust. The process left many in the dark and much to be desired. Potential impacts to endangered and protected species including the Greater Horshoe Bat and the Great Crested Newt have been glossed over.

We need to raise £165 (£150 plus transaction costs) to  cover the cost of a review and assessment of the survey work to date. This will be conducted by recognised ecological consultants - Darwin Ecology ( We will then be able to expose the council's poor work in a professional way.

This funding will be held in a paypal account adminstered by Stuart Lane (Account name crosspartyfrackfree). Any surplus funds will be ringfenced for the purpose of protecting Swanage from drilling.