Fido, we empower emergency loans to change lives.

We need your help to raise €5000 to help gives emergency loans with affordable condition to people's around our country.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful


Fido Money Lending is non financial institution base in Accra greater Accra region in Gahna, we provide quick and easy emergency loans to peoples around Ghana and we also give loans to women especially those in the rural areas in Ghana. It is very simple to get fido loan with affordable condition with quick access, there is no need to go bank to get a loan, throuhg fido loan you can just go to google playstore to dowdload our app in google play and then you can apply a loan by setting comfortable in your home.    



Fido Money Lending has provide  quick and easy emergency loans to about 2000 people around Ghana and its around  £40,000. We have provide emergency loans to especially women who had received about £20,000 emergency loans from us. We have served Ghanaians for about 4years now and we had succeeded very well. Fido money lending have also provided loans to people around rural areas especially to women,who need emergency loans to support their business.Through oue emergency loans, we have help people especially women for their to grow well.We have changed many people lives through oue emergency loans and we have also sae lives through this emergency loan forum.


We know through your your support,we can get this £5,000 to support as many as over thousand customers,and we will use some of the support to help women around rural areas for them to get quality living and also for them to get money to boost their business especially those who are poor.Through this support,we can also provide quick emergency loans to those whose lives are in danger for them to get good living as well.


Fido money lending ltd(FIDO)is a financial institution based in accra.Ghana and licensed by Bank of Ghana.Fido provides fast and easy short term loans,called fido loans.Our ustomers can apply for a Fido loan from their own mobile device or in Fido's branch and recieve his/her money within a minute.The loan is available to anypne in Ghana.No collateral or guarantors are required,just a one time verification of id card to recieve your money.Our customers can recieve their cash within one business day,and we also provide quick emergency support to women around rural areas who are poor in their communities,for them to live better lives.You can visit our website  to see more details about us.


We will give back 50% of our profit to our supporters,every pledge supporters provide to us will help us to get our 5,000 for our dreams to come true. Because,we collect 1% of every loan we provide to our customers.So,with this ,our percentage we collect from our customers we can give back 50% profit we will recieve every month to our pledged supporters.Thank you for  supporting Fido Money Lending to get this amount.