Farmhouse Retreat

Farmhouse holistic retreat

Not to sound too much like an American president or anything, but…I have a dream!


It is a simple dream. I need to help people.

This is to be a ‘not for profit’ venture.

Yes, that may sound a bit ‘hippy’ or ‘goody goody’, but it is me. It is in the very core of my heart and soul. It is what I am and what I do.

To do this more effectively than I have been doing thus far I need a venue.

My proposal then is to buy a farmhouse, somewhere tranquil and surrounded by trees.

The farmhouse is to have a ‘granny annexe’ (a holiday let). This is where people will come to escape from the rat race when they are too stressed and need time out. It will be a holistic retreat.

My husband and I will be on hand to chat, if those people wish to. My vision is to talk over steaming bowls of stew on a cold winter’s night in our country kitchen. With an open fire burning in the lounge, where we can relax with a hot drink.

I am a Reiki Master, holistic therapist and have counselling training & experience. People will be able to receive these therapies.

There will also be a paddock on the farm. This is extremely important. I will rescue horses (and help heal them with my Equine Reiki). In turn, they can also assist in healing the stressed humans.

Our aim is to live as self-sufficiently as possible.

We will grow lots of fruit and vegetables, and will keep some ducks/chickens too. And hopefully we can keep some bees so we can have honey.

I grew up in a rural town, and have lived on a farm. I also grow my own veg in my small garden at the moment. I used to horse ride all the time, and ‘know my way around a stable’. And I’ve run my own holistic therapy business for years.

i.e. I have knowledge and experience of this kind of stuff.

I am going into this new life with my eyes wide open. I know how much hard work and dedication it’s going to take. And I’m happy and willing to do it.

This is not a pipedream. This is real.

Real life, real work, real graft, real help.

I only want to charge people enough to cover running costs. And even then, there can be a sliding scale.

People can work off their stay by helping out around the farm (therapeutic in itself), or supply something (e.g. if they’re an artist they can paint a picture for us).

If funds allow, I’d really like to have a large barn that I can convert into a large meeting room, so myself/my like-minded friends can run day courses. A sound bath day springs to mind. Or a place to practice yoga.

All of this does not come cheap. And I am humbly asking for your kind assistance. 

Please help this dream become reality.


In return you will get a tremendous happy feeling through helping this philanthropic cause.

Your money really can help many. Every donation really is appreciated.

Thank you ever so muchly in advance for your kind donation.

Love & light,

Susie (& Will)