F.a.a.b is a new t shirt brand with vintage feel Made from hemp Organic material

101815-25d4ffb958507dfe3a0928858d32a6f6.f.a.a.b stands for free as a bird which to me means for everyone to be able to have a choice, Have a say or an impact in their own life not to be a passenger but a driver a decision maker I am very passionate about this. 

F.a.a.b is a new t shirt brand with vintage feel Made from hemp which is so comfortable to wear.  F.a.a.b  offer vintage t shirts with great designs also are organic and fair trade made 

Hemp is a great natural clothing fiber is lightweight, absorbant and, with three times the tensile strength of cotton, strong and longlasting. Weather Resistant: UV and mold-resistant, hemp is excellent for outdoor wear.

Fair Trade products are food or crafts that are produced under standards designed to end and prevent the poverty, sweatshop labor conditions, environmental degradation, etc that are endemic to the free trade “race to the bottom” that puts profits above people and the planet.

Why is Fair Trade Important?

Fair Trade Certified products alone positively impact the lives of the over one million Fair Trade farmers and their families, who are located in 58 countries. Fair Trade raises the standards of living for these families and offers a comprehensive development of their communities. It offers true change, and not charity.

Fairly traded products affect millions and millions of producers providing them with more resources and control over their lives. Support of Fair Trade lifts others up while respecting Mother Earth and her limits.

All of this positive change is as easy as reaching for Fair Trade Certified coffee at your grocery store and shopping from merchants who support Fair Trade practices.

I have the designs ready just need funding for the printing and website 

Going to introduce t shirt of the month club which will bring you a great looking t shirt on a chosen date each month 

At the end I will be selling great t shirts and accessories for great value 

why is hemp important ?

Hemp has been known to be used for textiles as early as 8,000 BC in Ancient China. After countless years of innovation, hemp fiber from the plant has been used to manufacture different kinds of useful products such as T-shirt, jeans, hat, bags, skin care products, papers, canvas and many more.

Today, experts from different industry is now hailing hemp as the crop of the future. With the introduction of new technology, hemp can now be used in many different manufacturing processes. These usage ranges from different industries such as the food and nutrition, housing, bio fuel, and clothing industries.

Advantages of using Hemp:

Durable – although hemp is light weight, this material is known for its durability and strength.

Highly absorbent – aside from being durable, hemp is also known for its highly absorbent property which makes it suitable for outdoor wear and high impact activity apparel.

Resistance – with its properties, hemp is known to block the sun’s UV rays effectively and it is also highly resistant to mold.

what is the funding for ?

Most of the funding will go towards the purchase of stock and designs, the rest will be for the website and advertsing of the brand on social media.

The products will include:

T shrts

Hemp jeans 




all these product will be purchased with the funding that you pledge to us 

Please take a look at the rewards before pledging. 

This Prize draw hamper you will  receive if you pledge £100  plus t shirt and all the other rewards.

Its a high target but be worth it in the end to fulfil a dream and an idea I had a few years ago to make a great t shirt company and to make sure that everyone in the process gets paid. Thats why all t shirts will be fair trade 

this is my mission and if this doesn't work all keep trying till it does 

kind regards 

David Tighe