Exploring The Music In Me

Teaching playing &making of instruments to kids with a dose of career guidance to both the privileged and poor. We also run soup kitchens.

Music through Marimba and drumming are essential part of the lives of children, helping to increase the ability of students to achieve academically as well as provide many therapeutic benefits for those with various disabilities and disorders. From communication and emotional expression to fine-tuning physical and motor disabilities, music and drumming give children benefits that help in school, at home and provide a system of coping and development that can last a lifetime. As afrocoustic arts we are using to educate students from the early preschool age up to those waiting to go to varsity. We mix music with education and career guidance to the children whilst also running after School programs and soup kitchens were we find the need be. The income that we get from the few school that afford to pay for our services is not enough to keep us afloat and now we are battling to pay our bills and it would be however cruel to the disadvantaged students that come to our sessions for the food and help with homework if we are to shutdown as they really dont have anyone playing the role.

We are trying to raise R50 000 that would help us get our workshop running as we also produce musical instruments. this would help us become self sustainable as we would sell the instruments we make inorder to make sure we have enough money for our day to day runnings and also other community outreach programs. We are currently operating in all provinces of South Africa holding workshops and teaching Marimba in schools both Private and Government owned/