EXCLSV CLOTHING, nothing but hard work and diligance


My name is Corey Newport.

I'm currently trying to start my own clothing brand in and around the birmingham area. 

The reason for this being is my ever growing passion for the latest and most creative brands out there is growing. And i thrive to be a part of that industry to show people what i am capible of acheiving. 

I would love one day to walk around my home town and see people ive never met before in my designs and creations, my target audience will start off teens-mid 20's and then hopefully push onto a much broader target audience. 

im used to failure when pushing my ideas out to the public, with there being such a negative reaction most times, but hopefully with the help from some amazing people i can try and turn this dream into a reality :) 

lets make this happen :) 

Corey Newport,